Pirouz Khonsari

Pirouz Khonsari’s Profile

Optimal physical fitness is a coming together of the spirit, the mind and the body.






  • BCRPA Strength and Conditioning Specialist/ Fitness Leader (Certified) – Since 1999
  • Can Fit Pro Strength and Conditioning Specialist – (Certified) Since 2000
  • BCRPA Rehab specialist (shoulder/knee/hip/elbow….) Since 2005
  • American council on exercise specialist (ACE Certified) – Since 1999
  • Can Fit Pro Pre/Post Natal Specialist
  • Continuing Education (In progress and updating)



38 Fitness Specialties/Experience

  • 10 years+ experience in the fitness indusry
  • Elite/Master Trainer
  • Provincial Fitness Competitor- BC/2004
  • Updating on Pirouz Twist’s Strength Conditioning Seminars(strengthening coach of Vancouver Canucks)
  • Director of Personal Training Department at Fitness World – 2000- 2003
  • Elite Athlete’s Conditioning Training / Seminars – Since 2000
  • Conditioning programs for elderly (Arthritis / Asthma / Balance) – Since 2001



45  Background

  •   Born June 27th in Zurich/Switzerland
  •   Attended private school in Cannes/France
  •   Graduated from high school Giessen/Germany
  •   Pirouz also speaks German & French


Our master trainer is Pirouz Khonsari. He established himself as a leader in the industry, providing innovative    information, guidance and motivation to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. His formal education with 10 years   experience includes ongoing studies in Kinesiology, Sport Specific Training, Functional Anatomy and Sports Nutrition.
Pirouz has been involved with fitness and weight loss training for the past 10 years, during which he has tried to achieve new goals and limits. Most of his life has been dedicated to different types of sport and fitness training. He has been a member of a high school volleyball team in Germany. Pirouz has also been involved in conditioning of the members of several sport clubs. He has managed to increase their overall performance by developing proper training methods specific to their respective sports.
Pirouz competed himself in the BC Natural Fitness Competition in 2004. He also has many fitness and wellness related certificates and qualifications. He continues his education and training to this day.


Optimal physical fitness is a coming together of the spirit, the mind and the body.

The Philosophy of Elite Personal Training Inc. is that optimal physical fitness is a coming together of the spirit, the mind and the body. Fitness is a process to be enjoyed for a lifetime, realizing this helps to make it enjoyable and allows you to see the rewards everyday. Elite Personal Training Inc. will use all the components to make you achieve your goal safely and efficiently.

Our personal trainers are highly experienced Trainers.